The Pizza World Championship is the most important event dedicated to pizza professionals in the world. It is held annually in Parma and represents a unique meeting of its kind. It is open to all professionals eager to stay updated on the pizza world, discover new trends, and find inspiration.

The Championship is the ideal place to meet other professionals and experts in the field. You will have the opportunity to exchange ideas, experiences, and knowledge with professionals from all over the world, thus being able to create new connections and business opportunities.

At the Championship, you will have the opportunity to attend seminars dedicated to the world of pizza, led by industry experts and key players in Italian and international cuisine. Additionally, you will have access to the Le 5 Stagioni Lounge, an exclusive environment where you can meet professionals from the sector – including Gi.metal, Valoriani, Cuppone, and Demetra – be among the protagonists on the world championship radio program, and taste refined drinks and dishes.  

The Championship will take place at the Palaverdi in Parma, inside the Parma Exhibition Center, Viale delle Esposizioni 393/a. For additional information, visit the link.

Le 5 Stagioni al Campionato Mondiale 2024 Le 5 Stagioni al Campionato Mondiale 2024 Le 5 Stagioni al Campionato Mondiale 2024


Our Championship

Welcome to the heart of Le 5 Stagioni. Also for this edition, we are the main sponsor of the event and will have a dedicated space inside the 2024 Pizza World Championship, a place where experience transforms into an unforgettable culinary adventure.

Immerse yourself in the atmospheres of the 2023 edition by scrolling through our gallery.

The highlights of our participation last year.


The Value of "Fuori Gara"

As always, we at Le 5 Stagioni want to offer much more than a product, which is why we have organized a special program of learning and training:

Ciccio Vitiello

The Cult of the Land

A new vision of catering that places sustainability at the center. Moderated by Sara De Bellis


H 12:00

Stefano Canosci

My PacMan

The reinterpretation of a saltimbocca with Stone Ground Flours. Moderated by Sara De Bellis


H 10:30

Nino Pannella

Blending Flours

The versatility of pizza dough for "pizza alla pala"
Moderated by Lorenzo Palma


H 12:00

Vincenzo Mansi


The management of a direct dough in Neapolitan pizza.
Moderated by Sara De Bellis


H 15:00

Pasquale Polcaro

Double cooking "Padellino"

The choice of different and integrated cooking systems for pizzas without structural defects.


H 16:30

Pasquale Petrillo

La Signora Lemady

The advantages of using a sourdough-based blend in contemporary round pizza.


H 10:30

Luigi Cremona
e Lorenza Vitali

Restaurant staff training

The Emergente project and the training for pizzeria's staff.


H 14:00

Federica Mignacca

Il Fritto

The management of frying, choosing flours to give character to an icon of Italian tradition (in collaboration with Demetra).


H 12:30

Petra Antolini

The Gluten-free Queen

Tips and techniques for gluten-free and lactose-free pizzas.


H 15:30

Pierluigi Madeo

Insights on protein flours

The use of protein flours in pizza doughs.


H 17:00

Fabio Sebastiani

The management of cooking processes

The 4.0 cooking systems in pizzeria.


H 15:00

Tiziano De Filippis

Artisanal semi-industrial

The management of production in pizzerias, from artisanal to semi-industrial systems to optimize production, avoid waste, and manage unsold items.


H 16:30

Fratelli La Bufala

The importance of a blended product

Presentation of the new blend by Fratelli La Bufala.


H 13:30

Nicola Demo

Flour from your own sack

In-depth meeting on Flours and Yeasts.


H 11:00

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Also for this edition, we have set up
the Pizza Stories Loungea dynamic
and vibrant space dedicated to all the members
of our community.

Our lounge connects, relaxes, and recreates.

Network with other pizza enthusiasts, exchange ideas, and make new friendsin a welcoming atmosphere, with live music and a Radio Corner dedicated to pizzaiolos and their stories. Enjoy the food & beverage area and discover the latest news from the Le 5 Stagioni world.

How you can get in?

Pre-register at Pizza Stories to get an access QR code.Official registration will happen on site.


Present the QR code and register at the lounge

collect your bracelet

Join us

We are


United by commitment and dedication to sustainability.

Every day, we dedicate ourselves to promoting the art of pizza making through the use of high-quality flours from protected supply chains and to improving our environmental impact. 

Today, we wish to extend this commitment to the pizzerias of Le 5 Stagioni's clients which is why we are looking for pizzaiolos committed to change and who can be an inspiration to their peers

"Pizzaiolo per
il cambiamento"

As with the last edition of the Pizza World Championship, on the occasion of the 31st, we have announced the “Le 5 Stagioni Special Award - Pizza of Change for Sustainability”. This recognition is destined for the professional who has particularly stood out in adopting sustainable practices in the choice of ingredients and in the preparation stages.

We look forward to seeing you on April 9-10-11, 2024, at Palaverdi in Parma!

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